Frozen Products

While we do keep some stock of our frozen seafood we check that products are not stored for long periods of time and we re-order on a regular basis to ensure optimal freshness and taste. All our frozen products are of the highest quality and can be delivered to you at any time during the week.

The majority of South African Calamari is exported to Europe, therefore us South Africans end up eating mainly Falkland Calamari, which usually demands a lower price in Europe. At Grahamstown Seafood Deliveries we are proud to sell local South African calamari. We stock both whole calamari and the tubes. Great for grilling, frying and potjies. Be careful not to overcook as it becomes chewy. Although we recommend you eat our calamari, some have been known to use it as bait, as fish seem to love it as much as we do. The calamari is frozen so you can keep it frozen until cooking time. Minimum order 1kg.

Price: R 45.00/kg whole
R 65.00 /kg tubes

Tiger Prawns
One of the best known seafood delicacies, prawns do not need much of an introduction. We constantly search for the best products to ensure that you receive the most delicious prawns at a good price. Minimum order 1kg box.

Price: R 110.00 per 1kg box (26/30)

Seafood Mix
Perfect for seafood pasta or paella. Calamari, fish, crabsticks,mussels and shrimp.Minimum order 400g.

Price: R 18.00 per 400g

Frozen Hake Fillets
Versatile and affordable, frozen hake fillets are convenient and easy to prepare. Each fillet is individually wrapped and sizes range from 150g to 250g. Minimum order 1 kg.

Price: R 49.50/kg fillets

Fish Fingers
An all time favourite, fish fingers are ideal for a quick meal, especially for the kids. In order to keep our prices low, we order our fish fingers in bulk and re-pack them for you in convenient packs ideal for freezing. Minimum order 1kg.

Price: R 32.00/kg